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On a historical street corner, Elgin and Sparks, a trophy marked by all the champions of an improbable game will be celebrated by the nation that created hockey. 

Hockey / an improbable game

Hockey is a unique, almost improbable moment. It is a gathering in the cold. A gathering on ice that can also take place on a hot summer street. In a space with very strict boundaries, the boards, that can also be a simple snow pile. With aims to score a goal with a playful object, the puck, that belongs to no other games in a red outline net anchored in ice, that can also be a old ball shot between two rocks.

Facing off / two players, two blades, one puck, one trophy 

But to win the cup, to engrave your team’s name, along with all teammates, you have to face off in the strongest league in the world. You have to survive a long season and win the last game of an intensive succession of series. The foggy vision of having your name written on the Stanley Cup, found its way, for a moment, in all kinds having once faced off for a hockey game. The glass blades will rise on Sparks street, bearing the names of all champions. A perennial face off that will outline the cup.

A memorial for a Nordic city and its seasonal mutations, echoing a sporting moment, that is set on ice. A sport and a site that are in a confined space of different scales, saluting a trophy as an evolving nature. Those are improbable conditions for a public space… except in a Nordic city.

The site for a “gift of Lord Stanley” will be invested as an evolving monument, for a unique gathering in the centre of Ottawa, a Nordic city that also morphs to the rhythm of seasons.

The monument will celebrate hockey by hovering between solid and liquid matter.

An evolving infoscape / a memorial inhabited by its champions 

The monument will bear the memory of all champions, hosting those retired from the trophy as well as the champions to come. At a new scale, one that belongs to dreams and memories, the names of champions will be suspended in ice and water to create a unique infoscape. For a moment in Ottawa, the informal walk, or the destination of a visitor, will become a passage experience in an information landscape.

The rink

On the determined siteechoing the level ice surface needed for a game, a rectangle space will be outlined in the slightly angled Sparks street. In winter the subtle carved space will accumulate snow packed by visitors’ steps. In other seasons, a water mirror will define the memorial ground and suspend the walls and visitors’ silhouettes.

The passage 

Between the two walls, the permanent writings of the upper part of the cup will outline a passageway. Encrypted glass tiles will enlighten, to invite the visitor inside the cup’s memorial.

The passage will at its highest point echo the subtle elevated feeling of being on ice skates. In the centre of the passage, “a puck will be dropped” marked by the acknowledgement of Lord Stanley’s Gift.

The two cup walls bearing all champions 

The two walks, facing off against each other, made of curved tempered glass set between structural triangle aluminum seams, echo the ribbons of the bottom part the cup, each bearing 13 champions. One wall will host five years and the other seven.

The outer walls will present the champions on the current cup. Every year, a ceremony will inaugurate the new champions’ writings. Every 13 years, a rotation will retire the rims taken of the cup on the inner layers. Three layers of glass, of the same five levels high of cup ribbons, will lead to the year 2109. Then, in 88 years, a new generation will decide on adding new layers or making the monument evolve like the cup often did.

Enlighten evolving walls 

Beyond the evolving content of the walls, they both will evolve with reflecting natural light and sky, night passers-by shades, and with the materiality of the water film. The light will be distributed from within the glass to increase suspension of the champions’ writings and install a respectful nightly presence on Sparks near the war memorial.

The water clouds will be punctually dispersed on the surface, from the vertical seams, to freshen and clear the wall in the summer and to create an ice film in winter days on the surfaces slightly oriented toward the sky, on an inner side and one towards the street.

Soundscape / The sound of the boards

As the virtual limits of a hockey game on a newly frozen lake, the links of the installation will be virtual. The unique echoing sound of the puck hitting the board or two hockey ghost grinding in a corner, will install as punctual whispers in between the two walls.

An experience within the memory of all those who made the cup of Lord Stanley memorable

Beyond a frozen memory, fixing an object in history, the Stanley Cup memorial of Ottawa will hold the memories of champions, evolving with each new champions, morphing with seasonal change, and reflecting the liveliness of a hockey town that has originated a unique evolving trophy.


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Jean Beaudoin and Erick Villeneuve are long time collaborators on urban scale art installations. Each are heading a design studio. Integral Jean Beaudoin is focusing on design of space and infoscapes, and Novalux Multimedia is exploring interactive and lighting installation.

Since 2009, the duo has collaborated on key projects:
• The identity and networked lighting plan of Quartier des spectacles was designed by Jean Beaudoin et Ruedi Baur, and the platform produced by Novalux.
• The urban installation «Champ de Pixel», was the first large scale temporary art installation on the main plaza of the city, reconnecting the public to winter.
• The «Ice Cloud», or «Nuage de givre», was installed on the same plaza in 2012, as the winning art work in a national competition. Ice, hovering over the plaza, was reacting to the changing weather and passers-by.
• Currently, Jean et Erick are collaborating in the competition for the temporary urban design of Sainte-Catherine Street, a street famous for numerous Stanley cup parades in Montreal.

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